Case Histories:

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Mandy 26

Mandy was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Depression. She felt constantly tired, lethargic, had body aches, had had to stop working and had lost all her confidence. After 8 appointments and with the Doctor's approval she came off her anti depressants and restarted work. Mandy gradually found more energy and took up swimming. She left Acupuncture with increased confidence and more able to cope with life.

Heather 22

Heather had Chronic Fatigue following a virus. She had swollen glands, lethargy, a stiff neck and heavy legs. She suffered from headaches, dull achy eyes, a sore throat, poor concentration and sensitive skin. After 6 appointments all Heather's symptoms had lessened and her overwhelming sensation of heaviness had gone. Heather felt an overall improvement in herself and was able to resume her normal lifestyle.

Matthew 31

Matthew came to Acupuncture for help with Fibromyalgia. His limbs and feet felt heavy and swollen, he had fatigue, and his skin felt tingly. We discussed Matthew's diet and lifestyle and I made suggestions to make changes, and after 7 appointments he was considerably better with all his symptoms greatly reduced.


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