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Digestive problems

Dorothy 53

Dorothy had had Arthritis in her big toe joint and was resisting surgery. When I started Acupuncture with Dorothy her toe joint was rigid, swollen, hot to the touch and giving her sharp pain. It also appeared that Dorothy was chronically constipated; however she hadn't asked for help with that. Dorothy's toe responded well to Acupuncture and she could flex her toe and walk further without any pain to the extent that surgery was certainly not needed. One week after her first appointment Dorothy reported that after years of constipation that she no longer had this condition.

Mark 35

Mark wanted help with his Insomnia, he had not slept through the night for 4 months, always awake between 2 and 5 am. He had some itchy Eczema on his face and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. After 6 appointments Mark was sleeping well, his skin was good and although he still had some symptoms of I.B.S. they were less frequent and less intense.





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