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Back pain

Charles 45

Charles had been complaining of anxiety and stiff joints for 6 months and his Doctor said his problems were due to trapped nerves. His hips, arms, back and legs were sometimes stiff and sometimes gave him sharp pain. He had tried a variety of therapies and none had helped him, so as a last resort he tried Acupuncture. Charles was aware that he was in an unhappy relationship and he had several issues with his work. Over a few months of treatment Charles found the courage to make the important decisions he needed in his relationship and at work and his joints became freer and gave him no pain.

Kate 30

Kate had a history of low grade back pain. She then fell and hurt her back. She experienced shooting and dull pain down her leg which was worse at night and often woke her up. After 5 treatments the pain stabilised and lessened. I recommended Kate have massage which she did and she stopped needing her painkillers. She was delighted to feel so much better, and avoid an epidural. She felt much calmer in herself and was able to resume her life.

Sandra 37

Sandra had always had a bad back, which she described as weak. Her Doctor had said it was 'wear and tear.' Sandra had Sciatica down her leg with numbness and a burning sensation which was worse at the end of the day with the pain often waking her up. After 4 appointments Sandra's back was a lot better with no pain at all. Sandra said her back felt stronger and she felt she could trust it again.



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