Case Histories:

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis and Chronic Pain

Don 69

Don suffered a sudden attack of Rheumatoid Arthritis when he was 14. He was treated traditionally with Western medicine and was helped in some ways but his mobility was limited and he had a lot of pain and discomfort. Don had weekly Acupuncture which became every two months for maintenance. When I started Acupuncture with Don he had a stiff painful back, clicking knees and swollen ankles after any exercise. His joints were rigid and he frequently had pins and needles. After the first session Don was able to stand more upright and he had more 'get up and go.' Don's weekly Acupuncture continued and his joints became freer and gave him hardly any pain. He was able to use his exercise bike more frequently and did not get swollen ankles after each session. Some weeks Don would report a 'flowing sensation' through his joints as if warm water was flowing through them. Don was able to walk further and enjoy his walks in a way that he hadn't for many years. Acupuncture had made a huge improvement to Don's quality of life and he often told me he hadn't felt this well for a long time.

Brenda 50

Brenda had an accident 3 years earlier and damaged her knee. Subsequent surgery seemed to worsen her knee so she hoped Acupuncture could help. Brenda now had Arthritis in her knee and ankle and could only stand for 5 minutes at a time. After 3 appointments there was a big improvement and she was able to resume swimming which in itself benefitted her joints. Brenda's knee and ankle continued to improve with weekly and then fortnightly sessions.

Dorothy 53

Dorothy had had Arthritis in her big toe joint and was resisting surgery. When I started Acupuncture with Dorothy her toe joint was rigid, swollen, hot to the touch and giving her sharp pain. It also appeared that Dorothy was chronically constipated; however she hadn't asked for help with that. Dorothy's toe responded well and she could flex her toe and walk further without any pain to the extent that surgery was certainly not needed. One week after starting Acupuncture Dorothy reported that after years of constipation that she no longer had this condition.

Ann 62

Ann had been experiencing chronic neck pain for nearly 6 years. Her symptoms were a dull, heavy pain with stiffness that was exacerbated with stress. Ann was unable to turn her head freely in both directions and it was beginning to get her down. Ann had 9 sessions altogether and her neck made excellent progress, regaining full movement and creating no pain.

Charles 45

Charles had been complaining of anxiety and stiff joints for 6 months and his Doctor said his problems were due to trapped nerves. His hips, arms, back and legs were sometimes stiff and sometimes gave him sharp pain. He had tried a variety of therapies and none had helped him, so as a last resort he tried Acupuncture. Charles was aware that he was in an unhappy relationship and he had several issues with his work. Over a few months of treatment Charles found the courage to make the important decisions he needed in his relationship and at work and his joints became freer and gave him no pain.

Kate 30

Kate had a history of low grade back pain. She then fell and hurt her back. She experienced shooting and dull pain down her leg which was worse at night and often woke her up. After 5 sessions the pain stabilised and lessened. I recommended Kate have massage which she did and she stopped needing her painkillers. She was delighted to feel so much better, and avoid an epidural. She felt much calmer in herself and was able to resume her life.

Sandra 37

Sandra had always had a bad back, which she described as weak. Her Doctor had said it was 'wear and tear.' Sandra had Sciatica down her leg with numbness and a burning sensation which was worse at the end of the day with the pain often waking her up. After 4 appointments Sandra's back was a lot better with no pain at all. Sandra said her back felt stronger and she felt she could trust it again.

Gill 24

Gill had had chronic pain in her fingers for 5 years.Her doctor had diagnosed Raynaud's Syndrome. She experienced painful, cold stiff fingers which went from shades of white to grey and purple. Gill lost her sense of feeling from her knuckles to her fingertips and then all her joints became painful. Her circulation was generally poor, she had no energy and she found concentrating very difficult. Gill was a cold person to touch who did no exercise and who was dedicated to her academic studies. Gill had 9 appointments until she moved away. Her condition improved dramatically with her hands becoming warmer, pain free and more flexible. She said how she could 'feel the blood flowing ' after each appointment, something she had not felt for almost 5 years. As a result of Gill's considerable improvement , she was able , with the Doctor's approval to reduce her medication. Gill said 'my sense of well- being is so much better that I don't feel the pain now.' Gill asked me to refer her to an Acupuncturist in her new town, which I was happy to do

Tony 63

Tony had experienced chronic pain in his face for 18 months.He had been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia. He experienced a burning sensation on the right side of his face most of every day; he tried pain killers but they gave him no relief. Tony reported almost immediate benefit from Acupuncture. He experienced greatly reduced face pain, now only getting an occasional twinge once or twice a week. Tony said he felt more relaxed and was able to cope with any pain he did get. He said he 'felt uplifted, even euphoric.' Tony's wife said she hadn't seen her husband's eyes look so blue for years!

Alex 23

Alex came wanting help with chronic knee pain and anxiety. After 1 session there was a big improvement with less intense and less frequent pain. Alex continued to maintain improvements and was feeling happier in himself. He had a total of 6 appointments.

Justine 38

Justine had ridden horses all her life and when her hip became so painful it was time to seek help. She experienced intense throbbing pain made worse by damp weather; she also had insomnia. In addition Justine complained of a sore heel with an acute sharp pain. Gradually over the 3 months of Acupuncture all Justine's symptoms disappeared and she was able to once more enjoy riding her horse.



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