Case Histories:

Anxiety, stress and depression

Sue 22

Sue came to me with Depression, severe sweating, Insomnia and Pre Menstrual Tension. Sometimes Sue talked, other times she cried, but I listened and after 6 sessions was much improved. She felt better in herself, was sleeping better, was more relaxed and had no symptoms of PMT. Sue told me she was now able to manage her stressful job. Sue's Acupuncture became more spaced out until she felt strong enough to stop.

Alex 23

Alex came wanting help with knee pain and anxiety. After 1 session there was a big improvement with less intense and less frequent pain. Alex continued to maintain improvements and was feeling happier in himself. He had a total of 6 appointments.

Ann 62

Ann had been experiencing chronic pain in her neck for nearly 6 years. Her symptoms were a dull, heavy pain with stiffness that was exacerbated with stress. Ann was unable to turn her head freely in both directions and it was beginning to get her down. Ann had 9 appointments altogether and her neck made excellent progress, regaining full movement and creating no pain.

Charles 45

Charles had been complaining of anxiety and stiff joints for 6 months and his Doctor said his problems were due to trapped nerves. His hips, arms, back and legs were sometimes stiff and sometimes gave him sharp pain. He had tried a variety of therapies and none had helped him, so as a last resort he tried Acupuncture. Charles was aware that he was in an unhappy relationship and he had several issues with his work. Over a few months Charles found the courage to make the important decisions he needed in his relationship and at work and his joints became freer and gave him no pain.

Mark 35

Mark wanted help with his Insomnia, he had not slept through the night for 4 months, always awake between 2 and 5 am. He had some itchy Eczema on his face and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. After 6 sessions Mark was sleeping well, his skin was good and although he still had some symptoms of I.B.S. they were less frequent and less intense.

Mandy 26

Mandy was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Depression. She felt constantly tired, lethargic, had body aches, had had to stop working and had lost all her confidence. After 8 sessions and with the Doctor's approval she came off her anti depressants and restarted work. Mandy gradually found more energy and took up swimming. She left Acupuncture with increased confidence and more able to cope with life.

George 37

George had had muzzy headaches for the last 6 months; his last headache lasting for 5 weeks without a break. He had 2 or 3 headaches a week with no obvious cause or trigger. After 4 appointments he felt much better and for long periods had no headache. When he did get a headache it was very mild and did not last very long.

Anthony 23

Anthony had experienced headaches for 4 months. He often felt light- headed and had poor concentration. He felt his headaches on his forehead and they were usually thumping in nature. In addition he had chronic cold symptoms and a blocked nose. I gave him dietary advice , which he took and after 2 appointments felt much better. He was more productive in his life and did not have any headaches.

Jane 31

Jane came to Acupuncture wanting help with Eczema and anxiety. Jane's palms were dry, cracked, burning, red, and itchy. She had rashes on her legs and was using lots of steroid cream. The Eczema came on 6 years ago following a stressful time in her life and it became worse now when she was stressed. After 3 appointments Jane saw a big improvement in all her symptoms, but she wanted her restored health to last and to continue to improve, so she continued with Acupuncture for 4 months. Finally she was rarely using steroid cream and had only an occasional flare up. Jane's level of anxiety was greatly reduced during Acupuncture which contributed to her general improved health. Jane said, "Acupuncture marked a turning point in my life.


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